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01-02-2004, 07:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Davisian
Actually, Dunham should be "C" with Lindros as "A" and Pavel as "B"..

Dunham, like the others. were indeed acquired to turn the team around, and several young assets were sent to do it.. There's really little other reason to send away several young assets in a deal, except to "turn a team around".. And hard up for a #1 goalie for a team that was playing just like the 10th seed they were made no sense.. If it was setting Blackburn up for failure, then why was he forced to play 19 games in a row?? Why wasn't Holmquist or ANY other goalie in the system even given a sniff to see if they could handle the duties? If he wanted a veteran to help spell Blackburn, there were others available, that likely would have costed minimal returns, maybe just one of the three guys sent for Dunham..

Just like Lindros.. He's playing well now, but how has that really helped the team the last three years?? Kim Johnsson would have precluded a need for Poti, and if he didn't like Hlavac and Brendl, then why not trade them for similiar aged players who would have contributed to a young core? Same with the picks, and same with the Bure deal..

As long as deals like those are made, I have little hope and faith..

We got the number 1 center we needed for kim johnsson. Not anything special on offense and nothing spectacular on defense. OR would you guys rather have Nedved as our number 1 center the last few years?

We got rid of Igor Ulanov for Bure. Who wouldnt make that deal? Sure we gave up Novak, but for such a highly touted defenseman by some he sure is having a tough time making the pourous florida defense corps.

Again, we traded a 3rd liner in who we have a younger replacement already(ortmeyer) a marginal player in kloucek because of injuries and a guy that never came over the pond(and some reports said he never wanted to sign with the rangers anyway) for a solid goalie which we needed at the time.

Those are hardly trades that should crush your faith on the team.

I dont want to start another debate about those trades, just giving another view to them.

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