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05-06-2013, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by li97 View Post
Don't know who it is, but if I had to guess it would be Lundqvist. I just remember him saying something in a post game earlier in the year that everyone passed over but rubbed me in the wrong way. Don't remember exactly what it was though. And he's got every right to be upset with torts so it makes sense. He's an elite goalie, yet theyre collapsing to block shots for him, which a lot of the time turn into deflections that end up in the back of our net.

Not to mention the offensive support. That goes without saying.
i could see lundqvist being an issue... always seems to act like he knows better than everybody else... said the 3 is the magic number thing, complained that we're not scoring goals, complains all the time about offense... but idk if the guys would blame him for that. i think he just translates the anger of the room with whatever the issue is.

guys that worked hard are gone. maybe guys thought if you do what torts says and follow the system good things will happen and you'll be rewarded with a spot on the team... then out of nowhere some of our hardest workers in dubi, anisimov, prust, and feds get sent packing even though they were doing what worked and we got where we needed to. we were first place and there was a lot of rumors about trades (when we started to fall off towards the end of the season)... then they actually got sent away even though they were clearly putting 100% effort in.

it almost seems like we have more talent on this team than we should with this system. we upgraded our bottom six in terms of player quality, but none of them consistently work at 100%. i liked newbury and haley here... both seemed to work their ***** off every shift(and they could handle that with their limited minutes) and had a team-first mentality... i know they bring little to nothing offensively and they're not the best at possession or size or anything, but sometimes you just need somebody to light a fire under the ***** of your skilled guys. haley and newbury gave 100% every shift. i'd rather either guy over pyatt.

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