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05-06-2013, 01:07 AM
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I would retool but I am very and I mean very close to wanting a full rebuild. Following players I would keep on the Canucks.


Hamhuis-???(Norris or top Dman)


1st line: The Sedins are not aggressive enough and always fall asleep in the playoffs or something goes wrong. Oh well we are stuck with them for a good decade almost. But hey I love these guys but sometimes you gotta do the right thing. Anyways we all know they aren't going anywhere its either the Canucks or Sweden.

2nd line: Kesler is pretty good and Burrows/Higgins play well with Kes maybe deal one of them later.

3rd line: Hansen is strong and is only a 3rd line player. Raymond and Lapierre/Schroeder/Lapierre is not enough.

4th line: Please no more Weise or Ebbett etc.

D1: Hamhuis is good for shutdown and we need a really good defenseman that can play with him/or a Norris trophy defenseman.

D2: Tanev is pretty solid and I would keep him on the second and not the first because then he gets overated and ppl start hating but I think Tanev is good for the 2nd for now.

D3: Now Corrado he is pretty good but I would keep him on the 3rd for now, pretty much the same reason with Tanev and when these guys are ready move Tanev to the first and Corrado to he second and move them around if you have too.

Schneider he is solid hopefully next season he can prove his self in a full season.

Lack this guy needs to prove in the pre-season and if hes not ready sign a veteran backup for 1 year.

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