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05-06-2013, 01:48 AM
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Ankle support is key. But tightening the skates too tight can block blood flow which will make his feet hurt and make them tired. So, look at his skates, and lets start at the bottom of the laces. Count up from the bottom eye lace hole and count up four eye lace holes. Those 4 lace holes on each side of the skate should have the laces very loose. This will allow blood flow to the toes and the in-step. Then starting with the fifth eye lace hole all the way to the top, you want the lace tight for ankle support. Now if the laces are too long, try not to wrap the excess lace around the ankle and boot. This will cause restriction from allowing the player to push with their toes after they have given a full length to the stride.

Which means...when he takes a stride, once he is at full extension, he needs to point his toe and this will give him a little extra something, something in his stride. but if you wrap the lace around the ankle, it limits this toe push.

Hope this help.
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