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Originally Posted by iFan View Post
Canucks biggest problem is scoring in the offseason and those players are the Sedins, their the problem, if their here next year it'll be the same problems come playoffs. If Gillis and the owers really are serious about winning a cup then this has to be addressed this offseason. There's no more "next year" crap, we've heard too many "next years" now. The only way to move this team forward now is to shake it up, trade the twins, Luongo and maybe Bieksa and Edler if we get another number 1 D in one of the other trades, this is the season to do this back to back disappointing seasons and aging core with contracts coming up. Name Kesler as capton. Next up is coaching AV just has to go and I have no clue who to replace him with, don't know much about Ruff.?

Sad thing is I doubt anything really happens, Gillis and AV are really good buddies and Gillis went to war for AV last year, I just can't see Gillis letting him go, Gillis also couldn't even pull the trigger on a Luongo deal, I don't think he has the ability to make a block buster trade like the Sedins let alone adding in Edler and Luongo trades. Hopefully I'm wrong but I fully expect this same core here next year and the "big trade" or shake up will be Luongo which won't be big, this time next year we'll all be pissed again about being knocked out in the 1st round and watching the twins not showing up and we'll be talking about our goal scoring issues again. It's sad as a Canuck fan but after all these years you learn to live with disappointment from your hockey team.
If MG refuses to consider a coaching change, this is where ownership will have to step in and get rid of both of them.

In this case, a new GM with new instructions in terms of the team-lookout would have more freedom for big changes to make the team theirs. This is both a good and a bad thing, depending on the new GM's negotiation abilities, player/management evaluation and need to Sabre-rattle with a big, yet non-progressive trade.

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