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05-06-2013, 02:53 AM
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Originally Posted by deeshamrock View Post
I think it has a lot to do with him. He's not a top 6 player and does not have the skill set, it doesn't matter how fast he is, he can't finish and that's been obvious for awhile. He had opportunities to finish off passes , esp in the first 2 games and couldn't do it, just like he couldn't on the breakaway last night. He'd been more successful in his role where he's better suited, bottom line player.
Penner has been the better player of the pair thru the first 3 and at least has top 6 skill set ability to finish. He'd be a much better complment to MR and JC on that line and showed last year in the playoffs how he can use his size, strength along the boards to win battles and help that line score.
As long Sutter refuses to take off his King blinding glasses, that line isn't going to have success, they're incomplete.
I think the point is that King should not have to play on a top-6 line. Where is a good veteran? The thread asks "did Lombadi do enough" not "is Lombardi a bad GM". This whole has been glaring for a long time, Penner doesn't do it, King can't do it and we all know that, I guess its hard to find a guy who fits in the system with top-6 talent though.

Then again are we waiting for Toffoli, or Lewis, King to blossom? Talking about Lombardi's depth chart or whatever, there is a gap between the end of 2012 (once Carter filled the other) and about 2014 (earliest point where Toffoli is a better than average top-6er [IE better than Lewis]) where he is missing a winger.

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