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05-06-2013, 04:45 AM
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Originally Posted by IceManCat View Post
Did you steal this from an pun? is this a fact? Droun is unique? hes another NHL scorer just like the other high end scorers that are drafted in the top 5 or whatever every year. Is he gonna be good, I'm sure he is, but unique? There is a reason we took Bjugstad and Gudbranson over guys like Tarensko and Kuznetov.. This is the NHL not a soft European league. Once playoff time comes around you will need the size and the physically these guys bring. We have our all out offense guys already Huberdeau and more than likely Mackinnon. Ridiculous idea
That isn't a pun. Look the word up.

If Drouin isn't that unique, then why do so many teams covet and look for that type of player? Why in ten years has our best offensive player been Olli Jokinen?

Who cares why we took Bjugstad over Tarasenko, or Gudbranson over Kuznetsov? That was 3 years ago, their projections and development have changed, none are NHL impact players yet and it's pretty amusing you're presuming that Bjugstad somehow is a more vital and important playoff cog with absolute no relevant data. For arguments sake, Tarasenko is a better player than Bjugstad now and also plays a gritty/willing to drive to the net game.

Currently, all we have offensively is a talented but young winger in Huberdeau, a couple of small talented but ultimately limited scorers in Versteeg and Weiss (One who may not be here soon), an inconsistent and supposedly soft winger in Flash and potentially Mackinnon. Then a glut of solid prospects who don't have pretensions to being high end NHL players.

That is hardly enough .....

Finally, if you're attempting to make a point, spell the players name correctly. It's Drouin, not Droun. It's Tarasenko, not Tarensko. It's Kuznetsov, not Kuznetov.

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