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05-06-2013, 04:36 AM
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Originally Posted by BalticWarrior View Post
I feel like the decision to play Girgensons was Nolans Panic button.
It looks like after two years,he still is confused as to what to do with this team,even if we stay in the Elite,i`d wager next Spring we have a new coach and its definitley not going to be a NA coach for sure.
Something is wrong and you can see it,maybe his employed tactics just dont work for our mentality,we like to play more of a czech counterattack hockey,rather than NA agressive forechecking.
I think your pressing your own panic button, but for no good reason.
Tell me what exactly is wrong with our team? The only thing that pissed me off was our PP, which was simply **** and it seemed we couldn't do anything besides pass the puck in circles for 2 minutes. Besides that, how are we playing bad hockey with the roster we've got??
And don't blame the coach that our players can't score! We had beautiful chances to score vs US, it's purely the players fault that they didn't use the opportunities they got and not the coaches.
And how was putting Girgensons on ice a panic move?? Despite that he's 19, he's already better than half of our roster and he's an actual center. Knowing Girgensons attitude it was definatley him who told the coach he's ready to play vs the US. And he brought excellent energy on the ice. I just don't see how you saw this as a problem or as Nolans Panic move???

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