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01-02-2004, 07:40 AM
True Blue
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Originally Posted by klingsor
ITrueBlue, I disagree about benching him. Maybe he should've rode the pine last night for some shifts, but to sit him against Pitt would be cruel. It's not like the guy hasn't worked his ass off most of the time.
Wether or not he works his a$$ of on most nights is not the question. Discipline is. And he showed ZERO of it last night. The extra moves instead of the simpler ones. The giveaways. The penalty. One giveaway leads to a goal directly and the penalty that he took, resulted in 2 quick PP goals.
If there is ever to be ACCOUNTABILITY here, this is the time to do it. A message needs to be sent out that those types of plays and penalties WILL NOT be tolerated. The alternative is tolerating all the bonehead plays that lead to the other team scoring. And that is a message of no accountability. How else are you to get the vets to begin to thik that they cannot just do what they want to with no consequence? What else are you talking about when you talk about holding people accountable for their play? If not now, then when?

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