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05-06-2013, 05:36 AM
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Originally Posted by ImGoingNucks View Post
He's just wanna those guys you wanna knock down and shut up!

He's just so outspoken and smart, and he always plays like a pitbull on steroids against Denmark. He's so much up in our faces and plays so dirty, and still talks to much..

Im glad Norway got 2 1 game suspensions from this game, they were dirty and reckless and in all honesty did not deserve to win.

Roymark said to the media after the game:

Jeg hader danskerne. Det gør vi allesammen. Derfor er det ekstradejligt at slå dem. De blærer sig, spiller småsvinsk, og tror de er så fandens gode. Så er det godt at sætte dem på plads, siger Martin Røymark til VGTV.


I hate the Danes. We all do! That is why it feels ekstra good to beat them.
They always gloat, and play dirty, and they think they are so damn good. So it fells ekstra good to show them who's boss.

If there was ever a clear case of littlebrother complex this is it, and it happens every time in Soccer too.

They say we are this and that, when infact nothing has happened and the danes don't care, they just want to play hockey and avoid relegation.
Well thats certainly dumb from Tollefsens part,really uncalled for.
Also is Danish-Norwegian rivalry that strong or is he just getting all of this gloating,playing dirty part of blue air?

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