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05-06-2013, 06:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
Wow, you're just wrong. Objectively and flat out wrong. That's not how sports at any level work. That's dysfunction by definition. You can't have every player making his own decisions about what he wants to do or doesn't want to do, when he wants to listen and when he doesn't want to listen. In that way madness lies. You don't have to like a coach as a player, but you damn sure have to listen to him and do as he says out there. I feel like I'm explaining team sports to a child right now. I really hope this is just your view and not shared by anyone else out there. Scary stuff.

I guess you loved the story about how Titus Young decided to line up wherever he felt like on the field and run whatever routes he wanted to. That's just a player who is doing what he thinks is right. He didn't feel like the coach earned his trust and respect so he didn't jump off the bridge with him. Sad to see no one has scooped up such a smart young man yet.
You must be unfamiliar with the phrases "losing the team" and "tuning out the coach." Most players will give every coach an opportunity and chance to lead a team, some get longer leashes than others. Nothing lasts forever. Losing the team or individuals happens in pro sports. Get over it.

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