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05-06-2013, 07:36 AM
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Originally Posted by WhoozYerrDaddy View Post
Ummm...the front guy that blows the whistle to stop play is supposed to pick up the puck and skate it the length of the rink back to his partner in to defending zone.

That's how we do it here, even in beer leagues.
And then if you do want to save time and be lazy, the 3 puck system involves the puck you play with obviously, and each official carries a puck in their pocket. When there's an icing the back guy just takes the faceoff and then the front guy who blew the icing just picks up the puck and only has to skate back to the blue line and by that time the players are already nearly set for the faceoff.

If one ref ends up with 2 pucks in his pocket he takes the next offside faceoff or whatever with his extra puck and the other guy picks up the playing puck

It saves time and you don't look unprofessional, so it's a win win. We often do it with running clock tournaments.

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