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Originally Posted by BalticWarrior View Post
The main issue isnt Girgensons,the main issue under Nolan is that our players cant score,because they are physically tired from forechecking the opponent they cant make accurate passes or score goals,these same guys beat norway 5:0 in 2010,do you think we could do it this year? Absolutley not,not under Nolan.
Your brain is trying to find reasons and an explanation to things that don't need an explanation.

First of all, we've shown decent hockey in the last 2 games - we're not playing bad, we're not playing worse than we could with the resources we currently have. Some people should get a grip on reality. Besides, if we'd play 10 games against Russia and 10 games against USA, in most cases we'd have a better GD that we have now. The first period against Russia was excellent. The first 2 periods against the USA were also very solid.

Second, our national team is still being shaped by our coach - just take a look at the number of players that we've tried out in training camps. Just take a look at how many changes have been made to our lines in the last few weeks. To me it's pretty obvious that Nolan isn't considering the WCH as a potential end of the road or the crux of his stint with the Latvian national team. He's thinking in long term.

Lipmans is a smart man, I'm sure he understands that as well.

Last year our assistant coaches were obviously influencing the way we play too much. It made it harder for Nolan to implement his game plan, it delayed the adaptation of Nolan's North American philosophy, but Nolan/Lipmans have both learnt from their mistakes.

I'm hoping that next year we'll also get rid of our current GM Baldonieks, who's also obviously influencing things and putting us in the wrong direction and impeding Nolan's efforts. For instance, Ivanāns isn't in our lineup purely because of Baldonieks.

Freibergs, Jass, Saviels, Pavlovs (also Štāls) probably wouldn't be playing if Znaroks was the coach. Girgensons wouldn't be playing as the C of our 2nd line yesterday as well. As limited as our resources are, Nolan is choosing the players who fit in his game plan. Yes, we are constantly scraping the bottom of the barrel, but each year we're introducing new (and forgotten) players into our lineup and you can't say that we're not improving in terms of tactics and understanding what the hell Nolan wants from us.

Just look at how we were throwing Russian bodies around in the 1st period. We were dominating. It was hard to tell who was the weaker team in the first 40 minutes of yesterday's game.

So I'd say just give Nolan more time, give him space and good things will come.

With the addition of Girgensons, Indrašis won't have to play out of position anymore (it was really weird seeing him in C considering his lack of defensive aptitude), Koba will be available, injecting even more energy and grit into our team. Masaļskis should progress from game to game. I definitely don't share your bleak outlook on things.

As they say - it ain't over until the fat lady sings.

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