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05-06-2013, 07:09 AM
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Originally Posted by daynus View Post
this team is gonna have a big jump in winning %, and i think this will force bryz to improve as well. kinda like having 2 dogs and 1 bone. in a perfect world the dogs will each get the bone half the time. i can see both these guys playing 40 games a piece and snagging 20 some wins each. so whos the goalie in the playoffs. worry about that when you make the playoffs.

and both b schenn and coutts both will improve.they have to, so this team can move forwards not backwards. and a healthier back end, is another must for this team to make the playoffs.
Back in the good old days, when Bobrovsky and Bryz was the starters 1a and 1b a lot of "insiders" and "experts" have the opinion, that Bryz can only perform, when he plays a lot. He is a workhorse and he must be a workhorse to play his best hockey. This was one of the most mentioned arguments why Bryz is sucking the whole season. Now we have seen a workhorse Bryz who isnīt any better.

Now all of you want Mason and Bryz to play a lot? 60%/40% or 50%/50%....?

In my eyes it is really simple!!

Trade Bryz or buy him out! Sign a cheap 1b Goalie and let Mason and the new goalie fight for their lives! Khudobin would be a very good adition. We donīt need a worldclass goalie. We only need a solid one like Mason have shown us the last games of the season!

but Homer and Snider arenīt able to see it....

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