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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
That isn't a pun. Look the word up.

If Drouin isn't that unique, then why do so many teams covet and look for that type of player? Why in ten years has our best offensive player been Olli Jokinen?

Who cares why we took Bjugstad over Tarasenko, or Gudbranson over Kuznetsov? That was 3 years ago, their projections and development have changed, none are NHL impact players yet and it's pretty amusing you're presuming that Bjugstad somehow is a more vital and important playoff cog with absolute no relevant data. For arguments sake, Tarasenko is a better player than Bjugstad now and also plays a gritty/willing to drive to the net game.

Currently, all we have offensively is a talented but young winger in Huberdeau, a couple of small talented but ultimately limited scorers in Versteeg and Weiss (One who may not be here soon), an inconsistent and supposedly soft winger in Flash and potentially Mackinnon. Then a glut of solid prospects who don't have pretensions to being high end NHL players.

That is hardly enough .....

Finally, if you're attempting to make a point, spell the players name correctly. It's Drouin, not Droun. It's Tarasenko, not Tarensko. It's Kuznetsov, not Kuznetov.
Bjugstad's and Gudbranson's development has changed? lol THEIR PROSPECTS of course their going to change. Do you not watch the team? If you did you will see that they are bringing the things they have been advertised to bring. Bjugstad has been using his size well and causing some havoc around the net. So what if we drafted them 3 years ago, what kind of argumentative point is that? That glut of prospects is the number 1 prospect pool in the world. Im sure Drouin will be a great scorer, but we will have a scoring forward already drafted and another one potentially coming. Flash is inconsistent, what planet do you live on? He is our leading scorer again this year and on pace for a 60 pt season. No hes not Patrick Kane, but calling Flash inconsistent? ...

Its pretty amusing your saying I have no relevant data for Bjugstad being a better playoff player but then your spewing on about how Drouin is a "unique" franchise player without ever playing an NHL game in his life.."For arguments sake" Bjugstad is a better player than Drouin because hes actually scored more goals at the NHL level lol..see how stupid that sounded, or maybe not, maybe this is how you reason on a day to day to basis..

As far as spelling, I am so glad you called me out on that, because that gives me a chance to pounce on your horrible syntax all throughout this paragraph not to mention your spelling of ENGLISH words. Here is a cute tidbit since you wanted to bring up such an immature topic and talk about spelling errors.

On your previous post here -
-----------"If i had to give an arbitary cut off, top 25"

Its arbitrary not "arbitary".

----"and i believe all 4 players listed are better prospects"

I is capitalized in the English language, thank you very much.

------"What i truely do believe is that Drouin has a significantly better".

Again I is CAPITALIZED in the English language.

---"It's unlikely we do move for Drouin and i cannot tell you what"


-----"and i believe all 4 players listed are better prospects than Bjugstad. Again, fanciful and unlikely to happen, but if the opportunity is there to trade a good player + depth for a better player, i take it all day long. "

uughh this could take longer than I thought...

Finally, if you're attempting to make a point, spell the words of the English language correctly its I not i. Its arbitrary not arbitary.

***try to stay on a hockey topic. No one here cares about the spelling errors either you or I make. They come for hockey information and debate, the consistent irrelevant information and pot shots you spew is not attractive to anyone here.

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