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05-06-2013, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
The primary reason it wouldn't work is seeing him win those extra games as an above average goalie can that will mess with their plunge to the very depths of the standings. Again, getting a draft pick for Miller and selecting in the top 2-3 picks vs. keeping Miller and picking 6-8? It's the possible overall value at the draft that has me more interested in seeing him move.

(Watch Enroth turn into uber Ewok and steal games despite my lack of faith in his abilities... )
I agree, overall draft position in a clear cut rebuilding year, is the #1 reason by a large margin... but I think their are plenty of other secondary reasons for those who aren't even on board with team tank.

Plus... I really do want to see Enroth get his chance. I know no one has faith in him given his known deficiencies... but until a goalie gets to run with the starting gig, it's silly to write him off. I remember the play he put together in April 2011 when Miller got concussed vs Toronto... and I remember the play he put together the following November, when Miller again was concussed (Boston)

I'd like to see Enroth as a starter/split starter in 2013... it will suck that he'll be playing behind an awful team... but I'd still like to see him get one chance before I finally write him off and move on to Hackett and Makarov

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