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05-06-2013, 08:41 AM
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SYSTEMIC and COACHING issue. Clear, cut, and dry. TORTORELLA is the problem here. You guys want a Hockey Team that will actually play with even a sense of offensive creativity. Or at the VERY LEAST connect 3 passes in the offensive zone (like most teams) instead of grinding our own players to a pulp? Or perhaps score a Damn GOAL on our own POWER PLAY? Kind of like most average teams out there? Or how about score a goal OFF A REBOUND by going hard in front of the net? When was the last time you saw that from this team?

It is mindboggling and frustrating watching EVERY SINGLE OTHER PLAYOFF GAME/SERIES......and all of them play hard, fast, with a transition game and creativity off the rush as well as in the offensive zone. EVERY SINGLE OTHER PLAYOFF TEAM or GAME has these elements. Except for our boring *ss, grind it out, dump into the corner but never chase, chip it out by using the walls only, collapsing to the middle leaving the points wide open, zero offensive structure or creativity because we never practice offense, sorry ass of a PP, genius of a caveman style TORTS BRAND OF HOCKEY.

I love our team, I am a die-hard Ranger fan......which is why I am so frustrated watching this sh*tshow that TORTS has created. Freaking watching grass grow or paint dry is more entertaining to watch this trainwreck of a system that Torts has been teaching and preaching here for 5+ years.

Torts has to go. There is no other way. At this point, I'd take ANYONE over this idiot. If anyone is happy with this brand of hockey that Torts puts out there, esepcially with the personnel and talent this NY Ranger team has, well then........

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