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05-06-2013, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by crystal ball View Post
I was really worried about Subban's reaction last night. I know he got crosschecked and he was frustrated because it wasn't called. But he just completely lost his cool and played a really dumb game because of it. He was trying to use his anger to take over the game and do everything himself, but it only ended up in a bunch of broken plays. And the yelling at Pacioretty on the bench was very uncool. Honestly, I thought Subban's behavior helped turn the game against Montreal in a big way. I also think the only way to get back in the series, aside from Price not allowing yet another softie, is for Subban to get himself under control. How likely do you think it is he can get it together at this point?
Subban should be the least of your worries.
Him yelling at MaxPac was absolutely warranted.
MaxPac has been rather unimpressive thus far, you have a teammate that just got destroyed two games ago because of a suicide pass, and now that same teammate puts you in a very tough spot where you get blindsided.
You bet your ass he has every right to yell at MaxPac, and Max better have apologized.

Subban is well under control. He's been our best player along with Galla. Those two were yet again our best two yesterday.
You're right, he was trying to do too much by himself, which is normal when the rest of the team looks uninterested in playing the game.

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