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05-06-2013, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by DrStrangelife View Post
********, we have the 6th youngest roster in these WC, hence I don't want to hear anything about us being too tired to score goals. I think finally after many years I see that our guys have enough energy left for the 3rd period. Vs Americans we looked good all three periods. Both teams played equal game. Obviously when we were down 1:3 the motivation dropped, but our guys still looked physically fit. We had excellent chances to score, which our players themselves messed up, and you just start blaming our coaching staff. I believe the NA style would fit perfectly with our NT, it would take hard work to get used to, of course, but the end result would be better than anything we've ever had before.

It has always been a problem that we lack scorers. Some WC we've been very fortunate when it comes to scoring, yet most years have been pure disasters. The problem is we simply don't have enough players that can score. If we adopt to the NA style, we could make up for our missed chances and lack of talent, by fast and physical game. Not to mention if some of our prospects shall develop and stay in NA, it would be another and even better reason to have an NA style coach and system for our NT.

And I love your overreaction, it's like you expected us to win vs Russians and Americans and for some reason you conclude we couldn't beat Norway??? How about you make these comments when we have finished this WC or when we have relegated. Maybe tomorrow to your overreactions we shall beat Austria 6:0. Who know's??
Ofcourse not but i didnt excpect we would score 1 goal in 2 games!!

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