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05-06-2013, 08:59 AM
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Originally Posted by ImGoingNucks View Post
Try and convince our players.. I just don't think they even consider Russia before DEL, SEL and such... Ofcourse the level of KHL now and the money it gathers may make some change their minds.

Id like to see Regin in the KHL, possibly Philip Larsen aswell

I know if we both had a FULL on roster, we would win, but it's just not gonna happen.

Norway does border Russia, so it might not seem as bad for them to go there. The relationship between Denmark and Russia has always been very cool 1. Because they supported the baltic seperation in the early 90's 2: because of the Negative relationship after WW2 and them wanting to build a radar station on Bornholm 3, because Denmark accepted a Chechnyan "terrorist" under immigration laws. That somehow pissed Russia off. They even had several of our NT handball players denied acces to their country over some dumb nitpicking, before a WC Qual game.

I mean id love to see Danes in the K, im just not sure who and when?

And you never know, ever since Denmark let them build that gas pipe in the Danish part of the Baltic, they have thawn up a bit.
I think you are overthinking this

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