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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Thats a "very good" lineup to you? Especially at forward?

This year, only Stepan and Nash could be considered "very good" in my eyes. And my definition of very good are players that fill roles successfully to a Stanley Cup caliber. Callahan is always good, but I dont think hes been overly impressive this season. Hagelin is all speed and little anything else. Zuccarello looks like a wizard against the dregs of the NHL, and is a non-factor against top-half teams. Richards? Do we even need to get into him, and the season hes having?

The bottom 6 has been a comically tragic revolving door all season. Guys like Brassard and Dorsett, members of the NHL's doormat for years, are supposed to save it? Clowe? Too bad hes not the old broken down version we've acquired, or I might be able to give a "very good" award to him.

Pyatt? Boyle? Asham? Powe? Lets put our hands together for them. These are the guys, often 33% of the forward roster, that literally serve little to no purpose on any given night. You're trying to say that 4th liners are, by definition, not very good? Maybe they wont go coast to coast and score a beautiful goal, but there are tons of 4th liners that know, accept, and execute their roles -- usually to provide hitting and energy. We've got none of that.

I've readily admitted there are systemic problems with this team. Namely their grotesque transition game in the neutral zone. But to push this false illusion that this roster is a cup contending team, and a coaching change is all thats standing in their way, is an absurd notion.
Considering the players coming up through the system in the next couple seasons, our bottom six is going to change yet again. Guess what? We are getting smaller, not bigger(with the exception of Mcilrath). We are getting smaller but also faster and more skilled.

Are personnel is turning into a puck possession roster and Torts isn't going to be the guy to get the most out of that.

But lets speak of personnel currently. I only see one really true need on this team and thats a right handed PP triggerman. Ya they could maybe use a left winger, but Krieder could fill that role(with the right system). Richards may or may not get bought out, and then you may have to figure out a center position. But then again you already have Stepan, Brassard, (probably) Miller, and Lindberg. So, its not exactly completely desperate.

The team doesn't need a whole lot of tweaking imo. The roster is pretty much there, but the players aren't going to get a fair shake until we see a new coach. I mean we both agree that the transition is the albatross of the NYR. Its been a problem the entire tenure of Torts. Why? Cause he can't coach a transition game post 05 lockout. It was partly the reason why he was sacked in Tampa Bay. Fixing the transition alone would dramatically change this team. Thus, I want him gone.

I can't complain about the players until that happens, its not fair to anyone.

You can make an argument that perhaps this team isn't perfect to play in Torts system. I can see that. We aren't big enough up front. But the coach makes a system around the players he has not necessarily what he wants.

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