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05-06-2013, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
There was no doubt that Lou was going to get traded last summer too, and then this year up until deadline.
Now Schneider crapped the bed yesterday. We'll see what happens in game 4. But yea, I'm not disagreeing, I don't see how they can retain Lou but I felt the same way last summer so...

As for them changing things up front, they certainly need to, but I think they might move the twins. Only one year on their contract, they're the ones that are supposed to lead this team forward, they are the core. So if Vancouver wants to change their core, they might try to move those guys. Kesler might also go, it really depends on what direction they take.
I would be interested to know what would be Kesler's price, but with Plekanec, Eller and Galchenyuk, I'm not sure I would bring another center into the mix.
If it's a swap between him and Plek(+), then okay, otherwise not so much.

Clarkson and Clowe are two guys I target.
Reading some posts from the last few months here, you'd think Clowe was a useless piece of crap. I wonder if he could have helped yesterday...

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