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05-06-2013, 10:10 AM
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I'll try and add something to the conversation.

Depending on the skates your son wears, the top eyelets may or may not help or hurt his skating. Modern skates are very stiff and have a lot of support around the ankles that you can choose to use by lacing all the way up or not use by skipping eyelets.

Look at how the eyelets are arranged on a modern skate vs a traditional skate:

So when you hear Laura Stamm talk about lacing all the way up, that's more for players who use a traditional skate vs most of the modern skates on the market. OR for players with great hip flexibility and lots of leg strength who prefer to keep ankles rigid and use their knees and hips for movement.

When I used Vapors, I skipped the top 1-2 eyelets as I couldn't move my ankles freely enough. With my Grafs always all the way up. I have heard of kids having their laces done up super loose to learn their edges though. Never understood it but those guys skate better than I do.

As for lacing, I got this advice early and kept with it:

Loose near the toes (first 4-5 eyelets)
Tight at the heel (next 4-5 eyelets)
Snug at the top (last 1-2 eyelets)

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