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Originally Posted by FOD View Post
The Rangers are not able to carry the puck in the zone. How many times has Nash/Richards lost the puck at the blue line trying to carry the puck in the zone?
The thing is, it's not their job. Never was their jobs.

Richards is a puck distributor. Not a puck carrier. He's not fast enough nor is he shifty enough for that role.

Nash is a shooter. Can he dangle? Yes, but he's better suited to doing that while already in the offensive zone.

Anyway, it's called "controlled transition" defence to the forwards, forwards moving their feet through the Neutral Zone and if need be, dump and chase, but dumping and chasing should not be the primary choice when entering the opponents zone.

Additionally, if you have room to skate and you are near the opponents blue line, don't just give up the puck. If you are REALLY playing a puck possession style, then you do not dump and chase at every opportunity.

finally, if you are sending the puck down the boards hard on the left side, you have to send 2 guys down the right side to meet the puck. Don't chase after it down the left side.

Go to where the puck is going, not where it already was.

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