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05-06-2013, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
People will never get this. The problem is not about adding a's about changing the philosophy of the team and have MOST of the team play like that. You THEN can add a goon if you want....But they ALL still have to play hockey.
not sure if you were agreeing or disagreeing with me but here goes anyways:

yeah i agree and the vast majority of people here want that. doesn't happen overnight or even within a season and most of these guys need to be drafted since the cost of trading for them is usually prohibitive. it takes time to completely overhaul a team's makeup and bergevin said that it is what he wants to build, so im patient

op's question is: "would the habs benefit from having a heavyweight enforcer?" which is what i was replying to. my opinion on this matter has always been and unless the instigator somehow magically disappears, will always be a resounding no. a heavyweight enforcer is a goon and we don't need those.

get a tougher roster sure, but not at expense of talent (not as an absolute though).

obviously not aimed at you but this debate has a tendency to bring out the stupid in some people. like shooting red herrings in a barrel that's being propped up by a strawman.

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