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05-06-2013, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
If I had the choice I'd go with retro jerseys, but that's got less to do with nostalgia than a general dislike for the way the new design turned out. The two shades of blue they chose just don't look very good together at all, at least not to me, and every time I look at the new sweaters my first thought is about how badly they clash. On top of that, the design of the home jersey is pretty bland with way, way too much dark blue and not enough contrast breaking it up. The whole package leaves me fairly cold, to be honest. I've never understood why they decided to go with a second shade of blue instead of using red as their tertiary colour like the old Jets did, especially since they've already got red in the logo.

On the other hand I really like the new logos, both the jet-compass main crest and the pilot-wings shoulder patch. The old logos were way too busy and didn't do enough to emphasize "Jet" theme, and feel very dated now to boot. The new ones are a breath of fresh air, and really have a "timeless" quality to them like a previous poster said. I could definitely see them outliving the jersey designs.
I wouldn't mind seeing the Wings shoulder patch as a main logo.

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