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Originally Posted by notdoneyet View Post
Last year toronto and montreal had the same type of teams. Fast and able to score goals from our top six. What we both lacked last year was some moxy on the botton six. when the PHA and BOS tough teams played us our stars were bounced around
and we both didnt make the playoffs.

This year toronto for orr,maclaren and fraser on the big team and now they can protect our stars. When we play ottawa do you see Neil trying to run guys?
Do you think we are intimidated by Boston anymore? Those teams may beat us
on the scoreboard but now they have to win with skill not dirty play. Our skill players can play their game without fear of cheapshots.

Look at last nights game for you guys. Your top six was a non factor because they
couldnt play their game for fear of cheapshots, and make no mistake about it Ottawa is one of, if not the most cheapshot team in the league. Neil picks his shots as well as Smith. They are dirty players that need to handl;edthe same way.

Armstrong,white or Moen cannot provide any muscle for you. Prust cant do it all but lord knows he tries. You have a 23 man roster and you only need one legit heavyweight and they only have to be dressed for the games you need them.

Look at the year when the bruins won the cup. Vancouver had a 2-0 lead on them and the third game they put in Thornton and he ran everybody and vancouver had no
answer to him and they subsequently lost. Now I'm not saying thornton won them the cup but when he ran around and gave cheapshots to the twin sisters they
disappeared, and also marchant feels like he's 6 ft 6 playing on that team.

In the offseason you have to get a better botton six with a legit fighter
This is one Leaf fan who understands playoff hockey.

You need a blend of skill and size to win. Where are those Greenpeace activists among us hiding now?

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