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05-06-2013, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Cake or Death View Post
Apply this same player by player scrutiny to all 30 teams. Then add in defensive scoring, and the best goalie in the world. Again, you have to look at an entire team, not just individual parts. Moreover, I think people overestimate what constitutes an average NHL team. If people think this is a weak squad, other teams are, in general, weaker player by player than I think some people realize. That, or people have very warped views of what first, second, and third liners offensively look like in the NHL.

When you start looking at a first line winger, what's the criteria offensively? 80 points? 70 points? 13 teams in the league last season didn't have a player who reached 70 points. Offensive output, line by line, is probably a lot lower than people realize.

The NYR are a top 5, absolute worst case top 10 roster in the NHL. If anyone thinks otherwise, please start watching every team, please check stats on all 30 teams, please look at what a second line forward really scores, and then you will see this is absolutely a very solid team.

Are the Rangers a Cup caliber team? Hard to say. Pitt is a Cup caliber team on paper, and they’re struggling with the Islanders and lost to Philly last season. So who freakin knows. But the Rangers are not a bubble team, are not a team that should be losing a series to Washington, or down 2-0, are not a team that should have an inept PP year after year, and are better than some people give them credit for when compared to the rest of the league’s rosters.
I refuse to believe this roster is a Top 5 roster in the NHL. On paper we should be decent but that doesn't appear to be the case. Richards is terrible which nukes the center depth and our bottom 6 has to be one of the worst league wide.

I crunched the numbers and totaled the stats of everyone who played a bottom 6 role this year including guys like Kreider and Miller.

259 combined games.
28 goals.
28 assists.
56 points.

That is absolutely dreadful. Defensively and Goal-tending wise we should probably be Top 3 in the league but McDonagh has been up and down all year, Del Zotto has had his brains in his ass for the past month, Girardi by all accounts had a pretty terrible season, Stralman is consistent but a 5th D-man, Staal is injured, the jury is out on Moore and Emmy/Gilroy/Bickel were Emmy/Gilroy/Bickel.

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