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05-06-2013, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Oilfan2 View Post
That might have some relevance if Canada actually won the game. However, a group of players that just about any line could be a number 1 line in the NHL should beat a group of nobodies.
It's Ruff's job to win the game and they're not going to win by giving (or not giving) one of their more dynamic players, and lines, enough ice time to make a difference. No PP time for Hall, Duchesne and Eberle as a line and Schultz, one of their only offensive forwards to actually have a chance to score, is simply poor management of your assets.

Hall made a couple of giveaways sure (I counted 3) but most of the others did as well..Giroux's led to a goal. When you're down a goal you don't sit one of the player's that has a good chance to get you one.

Anyone that has watched the NHL for the last 2 years could do a better lineup...

Read and Simmonds should be on the 3-4 lines, not Hall, Duchesne and Eberle...

Lines should be:

Giroux - E Staal - Stamkos
Hall - Duchesne - Eberle
Simmonds - O'Reilly - Ladd
Skinner - J Staal - Read
My take is still the same. Coaches always have their favorites in a tournament. Hall just isn't one of them. Sure he can score and likely could have helped that way. My position is that the coaches are more comfortable with other guys in a one goal game. Also, the Swiss always seem to give us fits. Perhaps we should blame Kreuger for this.

Edit: all of those lines are capable of being first lines in the NHL. If a coach sees something from a couple of lines that he thinks will give them a better chance to win, he will shorten the bench. Hall drew the short stick.

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