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05-06-2013, 01:22 PM
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I'm surprised to see Saad on the list instead of Yakapov, but I'm just happy enough that Huberdeau has completed Step 1 of at least being nominated. With the rest of the league unobservant of what is going on with the Panthers, I was surprised he made this far to be honest.

Many have said the main reason of why Huberdeau deserves to win it is because of how much harder he had to play to achieve the points that he got because of who his linemates are. Saad and Gallagher both play on much better lines overall than Huberdeau and I'm sure wouldn't achieve the same exact success playing with guys like Shore and Mueller most of the season.

I think Huberdeau will get screwed out of winning though because even the so-called experts and analysts that we see on national TV mention how Huberdeau played on the worst team in the league, so how does he deserve it as much as the other two? I think that only makes him deserve it much much more.

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