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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Anton View Post
Again, I admit I haven't seen much of the Checkers and am basing this off of reading stories, stats, and other conversation on this board, and somewhat playing devil's advocate to have a good conversation , but a coach that took a line-up devastated with injuries, got them into the playoffs and a chance to win 1 game for a chance to move on against a team that was their equal (in terms of regular season) with all the turn-over they've had and riding ECHL (or worse) level goaltending seems like a pretty respectable job to me.

Maybe, just maybe the talent isn't as good as one likes to think or the talented players just didn't perform. Unless Daniels drastically changed how he coaches with 2 games left in the playoffs, I'd wonder how these 2 losses strongly support your hypothesis? If people tell me he did, then I'd agree.

Seems to me, some of the players need to look in the mirror or aren't as ready for the NHL as some think.

Riley Nash: 1 g in 5 games
Ryan Murphy: 0 G, 2 A in 5 games
Jeremy Welsh: 0 G in 5 games
Zac Dalpe: Pointless in 5 games
Brett Sutter: Pointless in 5 games
This is exactly what happened. As most know, especially you Boom Boom Anton, I am a big fan of Dalpe. All I found myself saying during the series was where is he? He completely disappeared offensively. I went to the last game and did notice he was much better without the puck than I have seen him earlier in the year, but they need him to score and he just wasn't doing it. If he wants to make the Canes next year (and I'm thinking this will be his last chance), he needs to gain weight, bring the physical presence I have seen from him the last few games (he almost fought twice in the Barons series), and keep generating offensive chances (I think he had 6 shots in the last game).

Boychuk played well during the first four games. As I said earlier its hard to understand how his game has zero translation to the NHL.

Welsh is not ready for the NHL. He needs at least one more year at the AHL level. He needs to work on many aspects of his game. He is not aware of where the puck is on the ice at all times, and because of this, he blows many offensive opportunities.

I don't think you can judge the Checkers based on their play during the playoffs. While we would have liked to see them succeed, they didn't. They played well throughout the year and the guys who should have produced more offense (Terry, Dalpe, Sutter, Boychuk) were the top scorers for the regular season. We cannot discount what happened over the course of the full season just because they cracked under the pressure of the playoffs.

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