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05-06-2013, 02:03 PM
Karl Pilkington
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There's no shaking off what happened last game.
I would hate to think that the message from Therrien is to do this. Humiliation like that can turn a series around. I'm hopeful that the response from the habs will be measured against the level of humiliation they received in game 3.
I think the ridiculousness of the series has burned out. Ottawa threw all the fuel they had on the fire last night and they have nothing left short of injuring another habs player. The habs can add fuel to the fire, a fire they have no ability to play with (and thus they got burned) or they can let it burn out. I'm hoping they let it burn out.
If they learned anything last night then that's what they'll do. I think this is a pretty smart team. Smart players like PK can learn to reel it in, as long as he can be proud on the ice and not be drawn into folly, which will probably be the Sens tactic next game.
It comes down to Therrien though. Is he smarter than he is headstrong? His message will ultimately dictate the direction the team takes on the ice in game 4. If he's anger to motivate the team then I'm pretty certain the habs will lose. If he uses the humiliation angle then I'm certain the habs will win. Humility is a much better motivator than anger, much easier controlled, and more suited to the type of game the habs are built to play (speed, skill).

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