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05-06-2013, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by heusy_79 View Post
I think it was a combination of two dirty tactics in one incident. Turris and Subban were going at it with gloves and sticks up after the whistle. Subban dropped his mitts and started throwing rights against a complete non fighter, one of which landed square and knocked Turris down. PK then continued to fire punches at a defenseless Turris long after the linesmen were in, which everyone knows you don't do.

Two "code" violations in one incident, doesn't surprise me that we are seeing backlash. That being said, I didn't think Subban deserved a suspension. It's a greasy move but not dangerous enough to warrant a playoff suspension.

Gallagher is lucky he didn't get an instigator in the Conacher incident. On the replay you see Gallagher approach CC and challenge him, while Conacher is still dealing with Prust wrapped around him. Gallagher then just dropped his mitts and started throwing rights before Conacher could react. About 3 mins left in the third at the time too, so it would have been an automatic suspension.

The one play in the game that I think should have been reviewed was the Bourque elbow. Away from the play, complete intent to deliver a shot to the head, repeat offender...all the makings of a 2-4 game suspension but the league must have felt differently.
Meh. If you're a "complete non-fighter" you might not want to keep taking shots at a guy who is, when no one's around to help you. At least if your intent is to remain a non-fighter.

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