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05-06-2013, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
neil certainly wanted to go and prust wanted nothing to do with it, whether its because he is hurt or that it wasnt the time to fight, I dont know. I wouldnt be surprised if his shoulder is wonky again. If he does not tussle with gryba, I think the writing is on the wall

We split at home where we played well enough to win both, if early ( really early) in game three, the first on the road, is not the time to send a physical message, Im not sure one exists.

yes we can play like mice and hope that nothing we do enrages players like neil to go into beast mode. or we can take the opportunities as they are presented and try to establish the team physically. if a guy has a sen lined up, I want him to hit him as hard as humanely possible consequences be damned. laying up on hits for fear of future reprecusssions is precisely what teams that get bounced in the first round do.

the series is so hard to predict, but game 4 will go a long way in making that decision.
LOL. You are so clueless on that it's not even funny. Prust dropped his stick and started shaked his gloves waiting for Neil to engage. That never happened. But don't let facts get in your way.

You guys are so getting out of your way to justify saying "Habs were intimidated". They were not. I don't know how much it could be any more clear to anyone that Prust was the one inviting Neil at 3-1, and Neil clearly declined by skating away. It was right in front of the benches... I mean. You had to be blind and deaf to not understand it.

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