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05-06-2013, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeygirl2748 View Post
The nice shootout goal was wonderful. He does not impress me most games, I find myself not noticing him and when I do it is for soft play and not finishing a play. It is frustrating to see guys work so hard with 1/10th of his natural talent and he just does not seem to care. I hope he can succeed, nice kid, but the on ice performance is all I care about.
33pts in 40 games, 18% shooting percentage...I'm not sure what there is not to like - unless you just don't like the guy

Maybe being in Springfield is a letdown, maybe he's worn out a bit like all of us were after coming so heartbreakingly close to the playoffs. I imagine trying to go to the A and keep that same intensity would be difficult for anyone at first. Hopefully he comes around for you guys.

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