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05-06-2013, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by CptKirk View Post
Wait, in that area, games are only 50 minutes to boot? Yeah, you should be should be sending invoices to the office for the percentage of ice time you paid for but didn't get. Where I've played, they've always blocked out 1.5 hours for each game- 15 minutes for the Zamboni, and then time for warmup and 3 20 minute periods, as well as a little cushion for games going into overtime and whatnot. If games are running late, they run late, and nobody has a problem with it. If things run really late, players usually grab a beer from the cooler and watch the previous game. Refs don't start ignoring the rules just go get things running faster, they continue to call a fair game.
And there's the source of the problem.

A rink that has 60-minute blocks (including resurfacing AND warmups) for each game is cramming their schedule too tightly. Not only are they failing to give adequate time for each event, but they're leaving no margin of error for delays. So, like a bunch of drivers who are failing to give each other a bit of following distance, a delay in your game causes a pileup that affects every event scheduled behind it. In a 90-minute block that's not a big deal, but in a 60-minute block it's a catastrophe.

Like everyone has said, clearly the issue needs to be taken to rink management. But, I wouldn't expect them to solve the problem. They're the ones creating the problem. It'll take significant pushback from the players in your league in order to make a change. Ultimately you probably need the captains in your league to co-sign a statement that time-shaving is unacceptable. With the understanding, of course, that everyone is willing to walk away from that rink if nothing changes.

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