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05-06-2013, 03:50 PM
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Don't we want a coach that won't put Taylor Hall out on the ice just because he's Taylor Hall? Accountability needs to be a team wide concept for the Oilers team to go anywhere. Given Hall's season and effort this year, it seems damn near impossible he deserves a benching, but it's a different situation. New coach, new team, limitted time together as a team. Ruff might not know what he has in Hall, but he has the right to make calls on a player's ice time base on what he see game to game, limitted as it may be.

This is one of the ways coaches mitigate deficiencies out of players. Stupid penalty? Benched. Too many giveaways? Benched. Effort in question? Benched.

I don't see a major problem here. Hall is the type of player who wants so badly to be THE player on the ice, he'll do whatever it takes to learn from his mistakes. And we'll see a more complete game from him as time goes on as a result of these lessons.

Wouldn't have scratched him for tomorrow because Hall is fantastic at redemption games. That's the only thing I'd put on Ruff at this moment.

All a moot point anyways since Krueger obviously gets another kick at the can given MacT's defense of the coaching.

And I'd rather see Hall get MVP at Sochi next year. Barring injury, he will have the type of season that'll earn him a spot on that team, I have no doubt.

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