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05-06-2013, 05:09 PM
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I saw on twitter that Ethan James and Ben Nethersell were named to the all star team for their age group at the conference tournament

Meanwhile, on THF...

Sorry but my own personal opinion is that it's a very expensive (for the parents) way to come 5th in the league. If over subscribed I would hope for a far superior showing next season. That said doesn't Michael Stratford (OHA's best player) move on this season. Someone I may add is a product of the Swindon junior system, rather than the OHA.
This one is a bit of a Catch 22 to me, you come fifth in the league and how do you say you have progressed. Surely if the players are now better, smarter, fitter , stronger then they would come higher than that? Plenty of people say that the standard of Junior hockey is not that good on here, so to come 5th in a league that by many peoples stance isnt to a good standard is no real achievement at all I really like the initiative that the OHA has taken but sadly like most things you have to be able to gauge its success on the progress that it makes. I fully agree that results arent the only thing, I cant stand the approach of having 20 on a bench and playing 12 but those accusations have been levelled at OHA as well. To me its how they progress as players in the longer term, Stratford moving straight into an ENL2 team is hardly a huge achievement is it?, surely they would have been looking for him to make the jump to the EPL team? I love the principle but to me we need 7 or 8 of these sorts of academies before we can see any real progress. OHA on its own comes across as the right idea in the wrong place somehow. Time will tell how they do but lets be honest now, will 5 th place be acceptable next year or are people expecting progress to be made in that department.
Can someone please explain the full benefit of the OHA above a child for example going to a good school and training 3 times a week in an established training programme. At the moment from my point a view I see very little. In addition your post seems to imply that people are jealous and somehow try to discredit OHA as they cannot afford t send their child there. I would be amazed if that was the case in all example's. And its more the case that people cannot see the added value to their investment.

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