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05-06-2013, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
My point is the arrogance of fans to constantly think they know better than the guys who are experts at the highest level, watch these guys in practice every day, pour over film, and have a staff of experts to consult with is comical.
There's a big difference between knowing what is best, and knowing what's not. I am pretty sure even some of the most simple posters on this site can tell you when something is not working. Which is exactly what most people come on here to post about. How many times in this thread have we seen people posting "Fire Torts!" yet offering no substitute or even suggesting what would be best? A trillion? No one here is even remotely claiming to know what is best, if anything they're claiming to know what's not and to them, Torts is not the best, or even close.

No, no one here has all or even any of the answers, but guess what, neither do all the experts you are okay with doing whatever they want because they are so called experts. Even experts make mistakes, even experts have character flaws, and weaknesses. If every single coach in the NHL was a great coach for every team then no one would ever get fired and teams would all be buying in 24/7. The reality is some things work some places, and not others. Sometimes they work for years, sometimes they work for months or not at all. Torts is two losses from having his tenure in NY ending sooner rather than later, and it has nothing to do with knowing what is best.


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