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05-06-2013, 04:18 PM
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1. I think we will get knocked out first round. We will learn from this and management will make adjustments.
The series is 2-1 ... losing 6-1 or losing 3-2 in 9 overtimes only gives them 1 game won more than us, series is FAR from over, we will bounce back

3. Its really hard trading Carey Price but we should explore that option. Since the start Price has been Gainey's boy which is why the team chose Price over Huet, Halak, both of whom outplayed Price in the past. Jonathan Bernier of Los Angeles needs to chance.
You sir need too get your head checked if you think Bernier is better than Carey Price

4. This playoffs give management a view of how weak our defense is. Aside from PK Subban and Andrei Markov, we don't have that 3-4th players. Josh Gorges isn't build to play 24 mins, though I like Gorges, I feel he's best as a 5th defenseman. I would be happy with Gorges-Emelin being 5-6th dmen. Boullion is 38, I don't think he has anything left especially for a smaller player.
Aside from Markov? Markov was the worst D on the ice yesterday, I was sitting in the ScotiaBank Place shaking my head over and over at the boneheaded plays he was making. People fail too realize how big Emelin was/is for us

5. David Desharnais isn't built for the playoffs. He needs to play with bigger forwards to be successful ie Erik Cole, Max Pacioretty. I just think Desharnais is turning into Gomez. We see him cross the offensive zone then turn back and look for a pass, much like Gomez. Defense reads this and doesn't back off.
isnt built for playoffs? He isnt built for anything in the NHL, he stinks, that's all that needs too be said, he gets tossed from EVERY faceoff he takes, after a while you learn that whatever your doing is wrong, switch it up. Dont ask him too a win a battle because lord knows he's affraid of his own shadow, stay up on your damn feet.

7. We didn't win important faceoffs. I think we need Halpern type on the 4th line.
No **** we dont win any faceoffs, we acquired Halpern too win us faceoffs, we dont dress him

Here are some moves I think we should do:

-Trade for Bernier for a prospect and draft pick
you think WAY TOO HIGHLY off Bernier, you must know him personally
-I would be ok if we trade Price and Gorges to Chicago for Brent Seabrook and Cory Crawford
Crawford benefits from an ELITE hockey team, he is not as good as his stats show
-Trade Desharnais and a draft pick for Steve Downie
a player and a draft pick for Downie? thank god you're not running this team

thats a 2nd line?? you're crazier than I thought
Bourque-Plekanec (A)-Kristo

Those forward lines = back too 15th place, please stop trying

Subban-Seabrook (C)
Emelin-Markov (A)


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