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05-06-2013, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by durojean View Post
Wow... An horrible game ? All I saw was an horrible third.

We were outplayed but it's more Ottawa that played really well then the Habs that played really bad.

Overall the Sens deserved that win and the only thing ugly about the Habs game came after the third goal.

And let me remember you that we were going for the win at the beginning of the third.

In 2 minutes we were controlling the play and had two really good scoring chances.

We were outplayed but not in a large way until that third goal.

After that... Yeah we played an horrible game.
After that it was a softies and defensive breakdowns (both share equal blame) parade after a very strong game from Price. But if you could feel the pulse of that game, it was clearly evident that we were not going to win it from the second half of second period where I believe they rained down shots on us after only recording a single one, Price really kept us in it but they ended up breaking down his fortress.

The slugfest after that is pretty irrelevant. But one begs the question, what the hell were we thinking exactly. Was it a statement? I mean I'm really glad we initiated for once at least.

Which brings me to Turris and Subban again, but this time I'll analyze it from the other perspective: Turris'. He was feeling very good about himself, leading to him thinking that he can poke the black stallion without getting the hooves. Well now he knows.

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