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Originally Posted by Poulet Kostopoulos View Post
Wow. It's the coach's fault already?

Do people really think someone else could have done better? Done better with Gio, DD and MaxPac being invisible in this series and playing subpar for weeks, if not months, now? Better with this defense, which is not nearly big and gritty enough for playoff hockey? Better with key players (Eller, Emelin) out?
You and I see eye to eye on a lot of issues. On this one we will have to disagree.

Yes, Therrien is at fault.

Our PP has been solved by other teams. Put two defenders high on the DMen and we crumble and have trouble maintaining the puck in our zone, much less getting scoring chances.

Our PP has forwards on the side of or behind the net instead of having a body in front of the goalie. The Habs WERE doing that during the season and with good results. Now, when we need to cash in on PPs, no one is screening the goalie.

Our forecheck has returned to the Martin way. Send one guy in just to look like we have someone on the forecheck instead of sending two players to pressure the puck like we did during the season.

Defensive zone entries. Remember when teams had trouble entering our zone, whether full strength or PK. Now, our team is simply collapsing toward Price and allowing easy entry into our zone. We were not like that during the regular season.

Exit out of our zone. What impressed me the most about the regular season Habs was the ease with which we skated and passed the puck out of our zone and into a quick transition. We truly were a puck possession team for the first time in a long time. Now, our D have reverted back to Martin hockey of simply shooting or lobbing the puck out of our zone and giving up possession.

Stupid line combo decisions. Therrien took apart our highest scoring line and moved Ryder down and now Ryder and Pleks are in a funk and are not scoring. He also moved Prust down to the 4th line and only moved him back up because of Eller's injuries.

That is simply the short list of problems caused by Therrien's coaching or simply forgetting what this team did to become one of the top teams in the East. Not acceptable and injuries to players is not an excuse for abandoning the principles and style of play that made the Habs successful.

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