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05-06-2013, 05:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
I missed Stepan on that top 6, my bad. Thanks to the poster who pointed it out.


I prefer that to


2nd lineup is absolutely dreadful compared to the 1rst IMO. #1 is way more balanced and probably fits team identity more.

edit: Thanks KreiderTheGlider
I actually prefer the 2nd lineup + Callahan to the 1st on paper.
Just major underachieving on their part this season.


Back to Rick Nash:

He is one of the reasons we've only scored 1 (lucky) goal in 2 games. I didn't even realize he was playing until midway through the 2nd.

I agree with some of the others posters. Nash isn't a franchise player because he doesn't show up every second of every game.

He sort of reminds me of Gaborik because sometimes he just puts on cruise control and goes through the motions.

At the very least, a man of Nash's size should be working hard on the boards and making plays with his physicality.

And I've also noticed the Caps have been pressuring him with 2 men whenever he gets the puck. He needs to utilize his teammates more. Too many times I've seen him try to do everything himself.

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