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05-06-2013, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by NuxFan09 View Post
For starters, the fact they aren't just keeping the team in Peoria for now. Establish a base in Peoria, and use that base to establish the identity of your new farm team. Then worry about where you're going to move them in the future.

I'm by no means a business expert so I don't want to talk like a know-it-all, but could the Canucks not afford to lose the $1.5 million by keeping the team in Peoria. Hell, they're content with spending over 5 on a backup and 4+ on one defenseman who hardly gets into the lineup and one supposed powerforward who is always injured. I can't see how losing a bit of money is stopping them from keeping this new operation where it is for the time being.
It could be that the city of Peoria wants more than just a 1-year deal which I imagine would be a sticking point for the Canucks.

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