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05-06-2013, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by JV View Post
The more I see of PK the more I like him.

CBC wants us to believe that this is a major development in the "Flashy Black Guy Isn't a True Hockey Teammate" narrative they want to run with, blithely believing their own PR department that it's not racism, and that if their lad was from northern Ontario and played and acted the exact same way they would be telling us the same story. Bull. This is the same ***** women dealt (still deal) with in the workplace. A guy who's aggresive is a leader and has ambition but the woman is a ******. If PK was white as the driven snow from Lloydminster the only thing CBC would be telling us is about his leadership skills and how bad he wants to win and his love of the game and his exuberance....
Thanks for "enlightening" all of us with your silly, cliched lefty world view

Subban got emotional and chirped at a teammate in full view of cameras. He got criticized (rightfully) for doing so. When one behaves like an idiot, then one should get called out for it. Even if he's black and it offends types like you

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