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01-02-2004, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by barnaby63
I dont look at the deals as a whole? Lets see...

Jan Hlavac(waste), Pavel Brendl(bust) and Kim Johnsson(solid top-4 defenseman) for Eric Lindros.(our best player his first season here when he scored 78 points, 2nd best foward last season and again one of our top players this year)

I am sure you werent complaining about the trade when Lindros scored 78 points his first season. And for all the "troubles" he went through last season he was only a few points behind Nedved, everyone's favorite last season.

You would rather have Nedved? How do you expect to survive in the Eastern Conference with Petr as the top center?

Igor Ulanov(waste), Filip Novak(hasnt proven anything) and a 1st round pick(the most we gave up valuewise) for Pavel Bure and a 3rd round pick. A guy who along with Lindros almost pushed us into the playoffs with 12 goals in 12 games. He also started off good last season but his knees caught up to him.

Rem Murray(replaceable 3rd/4th liner), Tomas Kloucek(bust) and Marek Zidlicky(never wanted to sign with New York and didnt need his type of play anyway) for Mike Dunham. One of the best goalies last season and early this season that helped us win alot of games. But now since he is in a slump and Zidlicky has cooled off(like i said he would) we now have to look at the deal as a whole. Just keep backpedaling.

So we traded Kim Johnsson, Marek Zidlicky and a 1st round draft pick for Mike Dunham, Eric Lindros, Pavel Bure and a 3rd round pick.

Sorry, but i would do that deal everyday of the week.

I would just point out that Novak had an excellent rookie season with San Antonio in the AHL last year. He had a chance to make the Panthers this year but would have more likely been playing in San Antonio to further work on his game. He got injured in camp or preseason and has not returned as of last week.

It is a bit premature to call Brendl (a point a game in Lowell) and Kloucek busts, in my opinion.

Not gonna argue the trades, just questioning your dismissal for what we gave away.

I had no problem with the Bure trade. I was wrong. The only poster I remember questioning it was Laches (who mentioned Bure's knee problems). He took quite a pounding for it. Unfortunately, he was correct.

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