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01-02-2004, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by beerpaul
I've seen Avery play when he played junior with the Thornhill Islanders as a 15 year old. That team, coached by ex-NHLer, Brad Selwood, was the dirtiest, cheap-shot team I've ever seen in my life by a country mile. I'm surprised nobody on this team seriously injured or killed someone. Virtually all the violence issued out by Thornhill was of the cowardly, behind your back type of violence. Stick spearing to the stomach, neck, face...crosschecks to the was unreal. Avery became one of these players. Then seeing him play for Owen Sound, in the O., he thought he was the toughest dude since Conan the Barbarian. He played like he plays now, picks his fights with either: 1: Someone who won't fight. 2: Someone he knows he can hold his own against. 3: Nearly anyone... if his tough-guy team-mate is on the ice to bail him out if necessary. And of course he will dish out his usual cheap-shot slash or spear, behind the play, where the ref can't see. I would pay $100 to any player that would fight Avery, man to man, to watch someone finally pummel the daylights out of this cowardly cheap-shot artist.
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the main thing i didn'y like about him when he played for Detroit was he never took a man to the box with him....

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