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01-02-2004, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Jerky Leclerc
Prospal has been a good player for the Ducks. 19 pts in 37 games is not great compared to his dream season last year. But the Ducks didn't sign him to be a go-to-guy. Fedorov and Sykora are the gamebreakers. Like Fedorov, Prospal is still finding himself with the team and its only a matter of time the Ducks find its identity. The team has been playing alittle better since having a players-only meeting after losing to Florida 3-2.
I'd argue they did sign him to be a go-to-guy with that $6.5 million dollar contract. Fedorov was clearly their number one target in the offseason, but they didn't exactly run through the roses to grab Prospal for his defense now. The Ducks were banking on him to be a big time impact player and so far he really hasn't been to date.