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05-06-2013, 10:20 PM
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What a ****ing joke. What an INCREDIBLY embarrassing list chosen by what is clearly a bunch of hack writers. Gallagher I can see; but Saad and Huberdeau over Brodin and Yakupov? Oh boy... This award has lost whatever respectability it might have had; but after last year, and RNH getting fifth place votes, that tells you all you need to know about the people both voting for and choosing the candidates. Once again, incredibly embarrassing for the league.

Yakupov and Brodin both had as strong seasons--if not stronger--than any other rookies. They're also easily the best of the bunch going forward, with Brodin likely a top-2 Dman for a long time to come, and Yakupov likely a 2nd-line winger next season, and a 1st-liner very soon after, if not before. As for Gallagher, Saad and Huberdeau? Huberdeau was so brutal at the centre position, bleeding goals faster than the Titanic was taking on water, that he was moved to the wing--a position he's likely to stay at. Once the Panthers get some decent players, he's likely moving down a line to the 2nd line RW position and staying there, because he's just not a very dominate player in any respect. Saad and Gallagher are likely life time 3rd liners, unless they're being flanked by superstars by the likes of Hossa and Teows.

What matters most is that we have the best player of the bunch moving forward (along with Minny). Yakupov is going to have a career--provided he can stay healthy--to put the 3 voted candidates to shame, so we'll get the last laugh. Also, it's a slam-dunk that Gallagher will win the award anyway because of the writers' love affair with the Canadiens; but it still sucks to get snubbed on the nomination. Maybe because it would be harder to justify a Gallagher win over Yakupov or Brodin than Saad and Huberdeau; 'nothing would surprise me from these jokers.

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