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05-07-2013, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Flames1084 View Post
I admit the fact I haven't been a Canucks fan for a long time, mainly follow my brother. But he landed on a good team and a talented team 2.5 years ago. Their 2011 cup run was a great thing to witness. Against the sharks this series however, the team has played the most undisciplined hockey I've ever seen. Offensive zone penalties, retaliatory ones etc. it's just an ugly way to play and you aren't going to win that way. Especially in playoffs.
That being said, this series easily could be 2-1 sharks with the lead lr 2-1 Canucks with the lead. Last game was a nightmare. You move on and adjust. All in all they haven't played all that bad. I'm not saying they're going to win the cup but I'd start Luongo next game and win one game at a time. Chicago came within one shot of winning 4 straight vs us in 2011. See no reason why a team with this much talent couldn't do the same.

I have been drinking all day so maybe this is just all BS but hey the sharks haven't won the series yet. I still have a little faith. Win a shift. Win a period. Win a game. Win one game. Then two. Then get momentum. And see what happens.

I agree with this. Just win the next game. Going by the numbers it isn't likely, then again I believe this team is good enough to do it.

Win tomorrow and live to see another day. If that happens then take it from there. It's a 4 game winning streak basically, which happens all the time. (Well, regular season at least) And San Jose is not that insurmountable imo. Win one, gain a little confidence and who knows.

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